The Parrot LLS April 2014 - Page 3





Love Is In The Air

By Sam Crabbe Ines Jeffreys and Emily Sleightholme


It’s time, for valentine! It's that time again where all rush to find a date desperately trying not to be the only person without one. A group of organisers from the sixth form have created three events, a take me out game, a non-school uniform day and a open mic concert. Have a fun time, but who will you take? The Parrot sent Sam Crabbe to talk to the organisers about the event.

Every year since the 13th century, St Valentine has been remembered on Valentine’s Day because he was the saint of courtly love and he died on the 14th of February. So, we went out and looked at the valentine’s week hosted by the tourist information team in the sixth form, to raise money for the British heart foundation and the tourist concern by hosting a special week for all the school.

On the Monday, we had a non-uniform day. Every person in years seven to eleven has the chance to dress up in something red for a pound going to the British heart foundation. However, the sixth from has been asked to dress up in fancy dress, wearing outfits that are famous couples or groups. On the Wednesday there is the ‘take me out’. Twelve girls described their perfect date and then four boys described themselves and the girls got to take them out, almost exactly like the tv show. Last but not least, the concert on Friday. Anybody who wanted to have a go at entertaining the crowd could step up and take over the microphone. Bands performed for the audience and it was amazing!

‘Take me out’ happened on Wednesday, and after a hurried lunch we all trooped off to the hall where 12/11 girls sat expectantly behind the scenes, wishing that they would be the one to end up with the date. The first potential date decided to after introducing himself give all the girls a beautifully out of tune rendition of Nelly’s Porsche, after which many girls ripped their hearts and decided they could do better. We then met the wonderful character that was Julie then later on in the week she gave us a wonderful rendition of ‘Don’t go breaking my heart’ with tom wrench. On Friday India gave us a beautiful, heart breaking cover of Taylor swifts ‘Love Story’, I swear I saw several people with tears in there eyes.