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Dear Parrot Reader!

Following the release of the first edition, at the beginning of January a new team of lower school students was recruited to report and write for The Parrot. Photographers, graphic designers and journalists joined up in number and we now have our very own Parrot Press Team able to report on the news as it happens in and out of school. We have put a lot of effort into the issue and hope you enjoy reading it as much as we have enjoyed writing it. If you think you may be interested in joining The Parrot Press Team (which includes getting your very own Press Pass!), we are always looking for recruits. Please email with your name, tutor group and what you are interested in reporting on. Before signing off, we'd just like to congratulate Alex Lynn who won the Lady Lumley's Sports Personality of the Year vote that was held in the last issue and the runners up are Jonathan Read and Lyes Berkache.

Until Issue 3!

The Parrot Press Team

Your 'Parrot' Team!

Luke Armstrong, Year 7

Alex Baker, Year 11

Liam Barry, Year 7

Jess Christie, Year 7

Grace Clark, Year 7

Josh Colley, Year 9

Sam Crabbe, Year 8

Zameze Deans, Year 7

Sorcha Galvin, Year 10

Jade Grayson, Year 8

Bradley Guest-Hodgson, Year 9

Curt Hoggarth, Year 7

Ines Jeffreys, Year 9

James Norman, Year 7

India Robertson, Year 8

Edward Rose, Year 9

Matthew Rose, Year 9

Emily Sleightholme, Year 9

National Science Week

by Edward Rose and Sorcha Galvin

From the 24th to the 28th March was National Science Week. There were a variety of films including Gravity, Pirates in an adventure with Scientists and Despicable Me 2!

During the week there were many things happening, such as a Science display and many other different films. In the science display, by Mr Taylor and Mr White, there were many experiments shown that are not allowed to be done by unqualified scientists. The show consisted of experiments such as changing the colour of a flame, to an exploding jelly baby. This caused Mr White to get very hyper and excited.

The films that were shown brought great success because many people came along, not just to watch the film but to eat popcorn. The popcorn had many advantages such as bringing in more people and making the viewers happier.