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Winter Olympics - Harriet Evans

Winter Olympics Sochi 2014 Review

by Harriet Evans and Eve Shelton

Victory for Lizzy Yarnold in her Skeleton which she got a gold medal in. She was the first team GB to win a medal in 2014 Winter Games. Victory also for Jenny Jones who won a bronze medal in Snowboard slope style. Sochi Olympic Games was a great time for the Curling Men and Women teams. The women won a bronze from an amazing game against Switzerland. This team was the youngest women’s curling team to play and they did amazing to get a bronze medal for GB. The men's team did even better to get a silver medal. They played an extremely tough game against Canada but unfortunately missed out on that Gold Medal.

It has been an incredible Winter Olympics and it finished with a medal ceremony with a beautiful closing ceremony. All that’s left is to say, let the long road to the 23rd Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang begin.

On the 7th of February, billions of people watched the extraordinary opening ceremony in Sochi. There were fireworks, amazing lighting and a big party for everyone in Sochi and people watching around the world.

That was the night the Winter Olympics began!

Opening Ceremony

BBC Trailer