The Organized Classroom Magazine August 2013 - Page 7

Featured  Educator   Name: Kelley  D.   Years Teaching: Seven   Grades Taught: K,  1st,  and  2nd  (I  worked   in  public  rela:ons/broadcas:ng  for  5  years   before  heading  back  to  school  to  snag  a   teaching  creden:al)   Degrees or Special Awards: BA  in   Journalism/Public  Rela:ons;  Mul:ple   Subject  Teaching  Creden:al   •  What is your favorite thing about going back to school? Mee:ng  all  the  new  li^le  cu:es  .  .  .  hands  down!   •  What makes a successful school year? A  successful  year  in  my  eyes  is  twofold.  Taking  a  student  as  far  as  he/she  can  go  is   always  my  main  goal.    However,  crea:ng  an  environment  that  allows  my  babes  to   feel  safe,  take  risks,  and  LOVE  school  is  equally  as  important.   •  What is your definition of a dream administrator? Photo  Credit:    Kelley  Dolling     My  dream  admin  has  ample  teaching  experience  and  hasn't  forgo^en  what  it's  like   in  the  "trenches."    I  love  a  leader  who  supports  you  every  step  of  the  way,  isn't   afraid  of  conflict,  and  sets  the  bar  high..   •  Most memorable Open House memory? My  favorite  Open  House  memory  seems  to  happen  every  year.    I  always  get   goosebumps  when  I  watch  students  show  off  all  of  their  hard  work  to  their  loved   ones.    They  are  always  so  proud  of  themselves  -­‐  it's  magical.   VISIT  US  ONLINE      WWW.ORGANIZEDCLASSROOM.COM   5