The Ohana The Ohana Issue 2 Volume 1 - Page 99

a variety of items in subsequent visits, I’ll tell ya, if we went there again tomorrow, I would choose that tenderloin all over again. Variety schmariety! Bring me the beef! Even Samantha, who admittedly isn’t usually a “steak and eggs” sort of person, absolutely raved over this. (I can neither confirm nor deny that there was some licking of the plate.) We both ordered our steak “medium rare,” and both dishes were cooked to perfection. There were absurd “mmmmmm” and “oh my” and more “mmmmm” noises going on at our table until we’d each licked our plates clean … though I still refuse to confirm that.

Each one of the princesses made the rounds to our table, and they all took way more time with the chatting than had been expected. I had assumed it would be more of a “quick stop for a picture then move on” sort of thing, but they each took a lot of time at each table and interacted with every guest. It was so much fun to have our own moment with each princess, but then to also get a ringside seat but then to also get a ringside seat for the time spent with the other tables, too. Quite amazing, actually, to see all the means they each used to draw out the conversations with shy children or to help Mom and Dad get a special picture of their pre-verbal youngins with a princess.

This was a wonderful experience for us, and I give it only the highest marks. Yes, it does cost a pretty penny. But I understand now why it’s such a hot ticket and such a hard-to-get reservation. It absolutely lived up to the hype in my book! And not just because I got to carry my new magic wand with me for the rest of the day, and with a flourishy flick of my wrist bestow magic upon all who needed it in the most magical place on Earth!