The Ohana The Ohana Issue 2 Volume 1 - Page 97

choice of wand or sword for each guest, don’t be afraid to mention to the hostess (or even while making your reservation) if you know your boys would prefer to be a little magical with a wand or that your girls would rather be your protector for the day with a new sword instead.

Almost immediately after the presentation, our server appeared, asked us about coffee, quickly cleared away unneeded dishes at our table, and then reappeared with a plate full of fresh pastries and strawberries, and handed us our beautiful menus so we could choose our entrees from the six choices available.

Cinderella’s Royal Table has a prix fixe menu, so futzing with ourselves about the cost of one entrée over another as we made our choices wasn’t a problem for us. In fact, the reservation had to be paid in full at the time of booking, so we’d already come to terms with the fact that we’d spent a lot of money for eggs and bacon with a side of princess. Most guests will most likely have bitten that bullet 6 months before the trip,