The Ohana The Ohana Issue 2 Volume 1 - Page 96

Cinderella's Royal Table ... continued from page 53

(continued) chatting happened far more quickly than anticipated. It was great not to have a long wait, but in a way we’d have appreciated having another moment to “prepare.” Cinderella was delightful, but it did feel a bit to me like “Oh! Now? We’re meeting the princess now??? Wait! I’m not ready!”  After our pictures were taken (both by the PhotoPass photographer and with our cell phones by a helpful CM), we were led upstairs to the dining room. (A quick note: the anteroom on the first floor is the only place where Cinderella appears. She won’t be making the rounds at your table with the other princesses, so make sure you and your little princes and princesses take care of all your Cinderella pics and poses during your stop in the anteroom.) There is an elevator for guests who won’t be able to do the long spiral staircase, but keep in mind that the only Accessible bathroom is on the first floor, so folks relying on the elevator may want to visit the facilities prior to heading to the dining room.

We took pictures of the details all the way up the steps (yes, we’re those guests) and were wowed by the well-themed and expansive dining room space once we reached the top. An upbeat hostess took us to our table, and made a delightful presentation of our new magic wands and wishing stars that were ours to keep. We noticed that the men and boys in other parties received plastic swords instead of a magic wand. Although I’m sure assumptions are made based on gender about the choice of wand or sword for each guest, don’t be afraid