The Ohana The Ohana Issue 2 Volume 1 - Page 88

In the same vein, Disney and Lucasfilms announced on Thursday that Rian Johnson, the director of Star Wars episode 9, will develop a new trilogy for Star Wars fans. I have to admit, my first reaction was Why? The last three films announced are going to wrap the story of the Skywalkers up in a pretty bow, there isn't a need for more movies after that. And then I sat down to do some more reading into the whole thing beyond what the headlines said. So from sources like news, Vanity Fair, CNN Money I've gathered a new understanding of this additional trilogy. Johnson will create new characters to introduce us to, none of whom will be related to the Skywalkers, as well as a new corner of the now famous galaxy far far away that hasn't even been mentioned before.

From my reading, has my view of this addition changed? I'd say it's cautiously changed. The things that have me looking forward to this expansion are that Rian will write and produce all three movies which should give them a solid continuity and cohesive feel, we're getting new fresh-faced character giving the series a chance to continue representing a wide variety of genders, sexualities and ethnicities, allowing the movies to reflect the world we live in even if the stories take place in a galaxy far, far away, and it isn't the same story we've seen over and over again where one family member goes bad and the next movies are all about the supporting characters trying to redeem them.