The Ohana The Ohana Issue 2 Volume 1 - Page 77

The brisket on the burger was wonderful! Tender and seasoned beautifully, but true to form, the burger patty left much to be desired. This is why we always recommend you try one of the "topped" burgers at quick service establishments. It's the only way you'll get real flavor in your meal.

The brisket was tasty, but the grilled cheese won the day. Everything about it was delicious, from the multigrain bread to the white cheddar to the onion jam, this was a tasty treat that stands on it's own with the best comfort food out there.

Also, check out their bakery section. There was the most adorable camp fire cupcake that we just fell in love with.

Roaring Fork is open 6am to midnight, serving breakfast until 11am.