The Ohana The Ohana Issue 2 Volume 1 - Page 72

#2. Special Holiday Overlay for Jungle Cruise

Since 2013, Magic Kingdom Park has been blessed to have a very special overlay at the world famous Jungle Cruise. The Jingle Cruise is brought to you by the fine skippers from the Jungle Cruise. They've decided that it would be nice to decorate their neck of the woods and make it feel more Christmas-y. So they brought along some of the own decorations, and a smorgasboard of their own special jokes to make you feel right in the holiday spirit while cruising the best jungle rivers around. Make sure to say hi to Trader Sam-ta for me on your way out.

#3 Special Holiday Treats

Nothing says holidays like some delicious treats, and Magic Kingdom does not disappoint. Every year the culinary masters at Magic Kingdom pull out all the stops to tantalize our tastebuds with even better treats than the year before. Make sure to sink your teeth into some of the most delectable treats you'll ever find...and don't forget the hot cocoa to wash it all down.