The Ohana The Ohana Issue 2 Volume 1 - Page 71

It truly is a sight to behold, isn't it? I remember the first time I saw Cinderella Castle lit up with the lights affectionately known inside Disney as the "DreamLights". Before I saw it, I swore that the castle couldn't be any prettier than it already was. Boy, was I wrong? Stepping onto Main Street for the first time and turning the corner to see the castle lit up like a Christmas tree stopped me in my tracks. I actually cried and was completely speechless. Seeing this icon in a whole new light is still mesmerizing to this day. I find myself getting giddy at the mere thought of seeing it lit up again each night. However, a breathtaking Cinderella Castle isn't the only thing to enjoy during the holidays at Magic Kingdom Park. Let's take a look at a few of my favorite things during the holidays.

#1. The Decorations

It goes without saying that the decorations for the holidays are some of the most gorgeous around. The park transforms into a winter wonderland, from festive poinsettia trees to garland everywhere to festive bouquets on the light poles, you will find a plethora of amazing holiday decorations all around.

Magic Kingdom Holidays are Magical!

Josh Snyder