The Ohana The Ohana Issue 2 Volume 1 - Page 52

We arrived about 7:30 at the Magic Kingdom turnstiles and waited in a short line where a cast member checked our reservation number and gave us a printed flyer that would allow us past a key checkpoint in the park. Through a technology failure, we didn’t have our confirmation number with us, but the cast member was able to find it in

her iPad and send us through anyway. We put the crowdless vantage points to use along the way, taking pictures and video for an upcoming project, and then dutifully reported to the castle for our magical morning meal.

The restaurant entrance is at the back of the Castle, which we approached by way of the narrow path that runs between Liberty Square and Fantasyland. We gave a nod to Cinderella’s small fountain on our way past Castle Couture, and then checked in with cheery cast members at the entrance. We were whisked inside quickly, past coats of arms and suits of armor, and our time with Cinderella for pictures, autographs and a little chatting