The Ohana The Ohana Issue 2 Volume 1 - Page 51

booking window and set your alarm for 6am that morning to have even the remotest chance of grabbing it up. So our magical experience got its first bit of real magic when at 9 o’clock at night, less than 36 hours prior to the morning we’d suddenly decided we needed a early Magic Kingdom breakfast, I called WDW Dining to see if there was any way we could luck into a reservation … and we did!! The surprise in the cast member’s voice over the phone as she said “Oh! I have it! I have it at 8:30!” was fantastic and sounded so genuine, that I could imagine her telling the tale later that night of how she single-handedly brought a little magic into a guest’s world with a few taps on her keyboard, clicks of her mouse, and a last-minute reservation at Cindy’s.

One of the perks of a breakfast reservation prior to park open is that you’re allowed to enter the park early and have a relaxed walk down Main Street, capturing scenery shots and posing for pictures with far fewer guests in the background. This was, in fact, our very reason for suddenly wanting an early breakfast reservation, because we needed to shoot some video in the park with fewer distractions and curious onlookers than would be possible during regular park hours.