The Ohana The Ohana Issue 2 Volume 1 - Page 26

Have you ever found a place that felt like home to you?

A place where you and your friends hung out that you couldn't wait to get to on a Friday night?

For me these days, that place is Disney Springs.

When I first moved to Orlando five years ago on a dream, I had no money and couldn't even afford an annual pass! Then Downtown Disney was my greatest connection to the parks that I so dearly wanted to be in, but couldn't. What I thought at the time was simply my stand-in for the Disney magic, actually became something I treasure. And while I've had my pass now for a few years, those first years at Downtown Disney really cemented that world into my heart.

Watching the changeover was fascinating. I was out there almost every day, and almost every day there were differences.

I'm so hoping to have another day like that this year, but that day will forever be one of my favorite memories. Great company, lots of laughter, and amazing food.

Friday Night Live

at Disney Springs

Samantha Lucas