The Ohana The Ohana Issue 2 Volume 1 - Page 19

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about that. This is such a labor of love for us, and now that we have Terri Hardin joining us on a regular basis, it just got all the more special.

If you don't know Terri, you'll get to know more about her on page 44. But let me just say, she's a brilliant woman with a beautiful sense of humor and a warmth that just embraces you from the very first time you meet her. Of all the Disney legends I've met, Terri is among my all time favorites. She's become a close friend and I'm so happy to be able to share her wisdom and laughter with all of you here!

On a personal note, it's very good to be finding my footing again after the 365. I loved that adventure so much, but it exhausted me beyond exhaustion! lol I honestly did start losing myself towards the end. Now I'm glad to be back to writing and thrilled that the streams have fallen into such a solid place. I love experiencing and sharing the magic with everyone. It's a huge blessing to be able to do this. I'd say this is honestly a dream I just never knew I could dream, or I would have!

And on the subject of dreams, my newest one is Disney Springs! You'll find out more about it on page 24, but let's just say, I'm now sharing one of my favorite parts of the World in my own special way, and I'm just getting started. Since starting the new Facebook group to do Friday Night Live at Disney Springs with you, I've found my passion for streaming, for Disney, and even for my fiction all coming to life again. It was most unexpected and very welcome.

For all of you out there dreaming of something, never let that go. Your dreams are the treasure maps of your soul. They take you to the people you're meant to meet and give you the experiences you're meant to have so that you can become everything you're meant to be. Whatever your dream is asking