The Ohana The Ohana Issue 2 Volume 1 - Page 10

Our Current Schedule

Our planned streaming schedule for the rest of the year:

*Denotes an Ohana exclusive stream. You can join the Ohana at, and for a limited time, annual memberships receive a $25 Disney gift card! Plus all the regular perks as well!

*Sundays are Ohana day! We'll be with you all day from about 11am until 5pm like we have been, featuring a resort and a park with rides and shows.

Sunday night at 6pm We'll do a Disney Lovin stream of the castle lighting (castle lighting begins at 6:15)

Tuesdays we'll be doing a Holiday spotlight, featuring the decorations and entertainment of the season from all over the Walt Disney Resort. Times will vary week to week. We'll have one stream for Disney Lovin and one *exclusively for the Ohana.

*Thursdays will be Holidays Around the World exclusively for the Ohana. This starts Nov 30th. We'll begin around 4pm, show you some storytellers from World Showcase, stream Candlelight Processional, and end with Illuminations at 9:30 with the Holiday tag.

Fridays will be our Disney Springs celebration open to everyone in our new group. Friday Night Live at Disney Springs

Saturdays I'm going to attempt to actually take a day off!

Also, our Ohana Magazine comes out each Sunday and is included in your Ohana membership but subscriptions will be available to everyone later this month.

As always, remember this is live theater at Disney World, stuff happens that throws us every single time, but we do our best to be where we say, when we say, so thanks for bearing with us. <3