The Official U.S. Maple Syrup Almanac -- 2017 Alamanc_2017 - Page 7

HIGHLIGHTS SEASON OF THE 2017 maple industry at a glance. What people were talking about … RANDY SPRAGUE of Portville, N.Y. is one of the principals in Asarasi a new carbonated beverage made from RO permeate. Beverages boom More and more the bev- erage side of the maple industry seems to be gain- ing ground in 2017. Car- bonated maple waters are showing up on more store shelves. Raw sap beverages are seen in major supermar- kets. And one company launched this year, called Asarasi, is making a pure carbonated beverage out of RO permeate water and has plans to buy perme- ate for as much as ten cents per gallon from sugarmak- ers around the Northeast. Industry experts hope that major beverage companies take notice and get into the maple water game. “If Pepsi gets ahold of this, we will run out of trees to tap,” one expert says. U.S. Maple Syrup Almanac High brix goes mainstream The rapid advancements in technology have helped sugarmakers make more syrup with less and less energy. The new high brix sys- tem by Lapierre Equipment and H20 Innovation allow sugarmakers to process using 35 percent concentrate or higher. At the Proctor Maple Research Center, part of the University of Vermont, Timothy Perkins this season was boiling on a high brix machine donated by Lapierre and reported that it was easy and highly efficient process, enjoying a continuous draw and outstanding quality syrup. MIDDLEFIELD, OHIO sugarmak- er and equip- ment dealer Erwin Gingerich unloads an 8,000 gal Lapierre tank for a customer. Expansion continues Sugarmakers were adding more and more taps at a contin- ued rapid pace, despite a laggard bulk price. The United States had 13,341,000 taps in all in 2017, according to the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service, leaping over last year’s tap count total of 12,552,000. One of the indicators was the rela- tive shortage of big holding tanks. By fall, they were hard to find and on back order from the major equipment makers. In the spring, jugs were also scarce. Quart sized plastic containers were nowhere to be found, with many dealers running out. 2017 OFFICIAL UNITED STATES T H E Maple Syrup Almanac 2017 5TH EDITION The data contained in this almanac derives from the annual survey conducted by the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS). The names, addresses, and personal identifiers are fully protected by NASS with the force of law. After data collection, NASS processes the data independent of names and addresses. Original paper questionnaires are kept in a secure area, and then destroyed as prescribed by law. Names, addresses, phone numbers, and other personal identifiers are held securely by NASS and used only to conduct official business. Title 7, U.S. Code, Section 2276 and the Confidential Information Protection and Statistical Efficiency Act prohibit public disclosure of individual information. Personal information, including reported data, is protected from legal subpoena and Freedom of Information Act requests. 7