The Official U.S. Maple Syrup Almanac -- 2017 Alamanc_2017 - Page 65

Grossman Maple Equipment & Supplies The Island Pond Maple Factory Bulk maple syrup buyers Helping sugarmakers grow their business ✓ Supplier of 40 gallon stainless steel drums. ✓ Purchase all grades of syrup. Professional quality tubing installations ✓ Purchase maple syrup 12 months of the year. ✓ Drum pickup and delivery options available. ✓ Drums steam cleaned and returned by February. ✓ Option to sugar makers to enter long term purchasing contracts. 306 Meadow Street PO Box 352 Island Pond, Vermont 05846 Tel: 1-800-717-3660 Tel: 1-802-723-4945 Email: AP VT of Artisan Printing of Vermont 96 John Putnam Memorial Dr. Cambridge, VT 05444 P/F: 802-644-9001 Glass containers, printed by sugarmakers for sugarmakers ON E G A LL O N 1 2 8 FL O Z 3 .8 L 3 3. 8 16.9 FL O Z 5 0 0 ML 3 .4 F L O Z 1 LI T E R F L O Z 1 00 M L “I take great pride in my work for you.” Serving all Maple Producing States Jason Grossman, Owner/Installer 440.231.5647 | Equipment & Tools for the MAPLE INDUSTRY Brands you know and trust: TAJFUN 3 Pt. Hitch Winches Turn a tractor into a skidder. World’s most popular winch! ORCHARD Ladders Lightweight aluminum, sturdy, stable tripod ladders. High Tensile Trellis Wire 12.5 or 14 gauge available. Wire Strainers & Gripples Pure Maple Syrup 8.45 fl oz 250ml Pure Maple Syrup 8.45 fl oz 250ml Pure Maple Syrup 8.45 fl oz 250ml Contact us to discuss private labeled glass containers. Call, fax, email or visit our website to place your order. U.S. Maple Syrup Almanac 2017 CALL for catalog 800-634-5557 8 Ashfi eld Road, Rt. 116 / P.O. Box 540 Conway, MA 01341 65