The Official U.S. Maple Syrup Almanac -- 2017 Alamanc_2017 - Page 54

DEALER LISTINGS CONNECTICUT LAMOTHE’S SUGAR HOUSE Rob & Jean Lamothe 89 Stone Road Burlington, CT 06013 860.675.5043 net CDL, D&G, Tuthill, Marcland, Sugarhill INDIANA HARRIS SUGAR BUSH 999 East County Road 325 North Greencastle, IN 46135 765.653.5108 (F): 765.653.5108 (C): 765.301.0389 contact.htm Indiana Vacuum SWEET BEGINNINGS MAPLE FARM Silas Beachler 9569 South 600 East Claypool, IN 46510 260.578.1625 CDL MAINE BACON FARM MAPLE PRODUCTS Shelly Bacon 415 Goodhue Road Sidney, ME 04330 207.547.5053 H2O Innovation, Artisan Printing of Vermont, The Bacon Jug Co., Marcland, Hanna Instruments CDL MAINE Miguel Ibarguen 319 US Route 2 Wilton, ME 04294 207-645-4000 54 THE PICK & SHOVEL CDL SUPERSTORE in Newport, Vt. C \[X]Y]܋XZ[P\K]SVHPTHTQT•\[YH X\H[[^BHX\H[Bۛ QH N ˍM ͎ šܚ\P[[]˛]˚[^[X\B\Y\˘BXY\X\[ Y\[ PTHSQTTB  LX]ٚY[ QH M ˍLˌ›XZ\PXZ[ BXX[^[[ M\Yۂ[[][ۂ \KX8&\X\BQTQQSTT“[H [HY\YY[NMHܝܚ[HYܚ[KQH  ˎLL BY\\P[ B TY\K X\[SPRPTBӑVB][ ܚ\H[[MHT]H  NL^\HZ[QH  K B˛XZ[[X\X[ۙ^KB[XZ[[X\X[ۙ^KBY\[ XY\QHSHP’H[Y[HYB Hܛ[Y\[ܛQH NB ˎLˌMBYX[\XXZ[ B [\][ۘ[ TY\KX\[PTPTU‘QTӑx&TQTTBZ]KY\ۙBLL[Y[X[\؝\PH LM Lˌ LBN LˍMNK ̂˘\\[X\KBPԖHSTB][[BMNHY[ۈ[Y ̂ܝ[ۋPH LN Lˌ MLMXܞZ[X\PXZ[ B\Y\BԕQVHQTP’H [H\ݙ\BN H]\]BY^KPH L BB LˍN K B[ܝY^\Y\X˘BBKˈX\H\\[X[XŒ M