The Official U.S. Maple Syrup Almanac -- 2017 Alamanc_2017 - Page 53

smoking and hot sauce opera- tions,” Hausslein said. “Together we are pulling sap from better than 10,000 trees using all man- ner of technology, old and new, to keep this innovative turn in sugarmaking viable.” Smoked maple is his main special product. “But like most other sugar- makers, I am very proud of our regular maple syrup, considered the finest kind for miles around by those who have sampled it,” Hausslein said. “I do not dabble in other flavors, like bourbon or vanilla, as my syrup produced in the old fashioned way has those flavors already in it, and I do not aim to be in the flavor business, like a scented candle company might choose to be.” To keep things running smoothly, in his company’s rapid growth phase, Hausslein relies heavily on dedicated employees whose teamwork is critical. “Andrea Ogden and her hus- band, John, bring farming talent and an historic Landgrove sugar- bush to our business,” Hausslein said. “Andrea is the administra- tive brains behind our entire operation, and is not afraid to put on a hair net and make sri- racha when the peppers are ripe. The operation could not and would not run without her.” The Ogdens’ three chil- dren cross-country ski and ride mountain bikes hard and fast for team Vermont Maple Sriracha, as well as some more prominent U.S. National teams. U.S. Maple Syrup Almanac However, Hausslein said his wife, Ann, is the creative power and recipe developer behind the operation. “She is an expert gar- dener, forager, healer, and chef, and Sugar Bob would be lost in the woods without her,” he said. The couple’s three kids are scatted between New Orleans, Nantucket, and home in Lon- donderry. All three know how to stoke the evaporator when the sap flows come in springtime. Brian Sylvester is the com- pany production and fulfillment specialist, the true keeper of the operation’s institutional knowl- edge. “He’s a gunslinger in the kitchen the likes of which you’ve never seen,” Hausslein said. “And we have a cast of ne’re do well friends and family without whom there would be no soul, no love in the sugarhouse. Mike 2017 and Shawna Batogowski are invaluable.” “My primary job is to stay out of the way of all our in- house talent, and keep the floors clean,” Hausslein said smiling. “I love to boil syrup all night long in the spring, and love to tell our story at markets and shows all year long.” The company’s goals are sim- ple. “We hope to bring the magic of Smoked Maple and Maple Sriracha to you, your family, all their friends, and their friends, too,” he said. “As long as we can tap trees in the springtime, smoke syrup, brew sriracha, and cook great meals for our friends during the rest of the year, we consider the whole thing a suc- cess.” BOB HAUSSLEIN of Londonderry, Vt. has found a niche market for his smoked maple. 53