The Official U.S. Maple Syrup Almanac -- 2017 Alamanc_2017 - Page 38

VERMONT MAPLE SUGAR MAKERS’ ASSOCIATION 189 Vermont Route 15, Jericho, VT 05465, (802) 858-9444,, SUMMARY OF SEASON The 2017 maple sea- son in Vermont will likely be remembered for being long and drawn out, beginning in January for many producers and extend- ing into April. Produc- ers who were tapping during the early January sap run had the season last nearly nine weeks. For those who waited out the first runs of sap, the season was more typical in length. It seemed like the month of March behaved more like a cold February than anything else. While the production totals have yet to be finalized statewide, it does appear that the 2017 season was good overall. A few produc- ers saw yields above last year’s record crop while most operations finished the season around their long-term average. It appears that syrup flavor was excellent for most producers, with only limited reports of off-flavors received. Overall, little off-flavors were report- ed this year aside from some early season metabolism in areas. Many producers GOV. PHIL SCOTT and the Silloway/Lambert family of Randolph, Vt. on Feb. 28 for the 2017 tree tapping ceremony. who routinely make Golden Color with Delicate Taste report that the overwhelm- ing majority of their crop is Amber Color with Rich Taste or darker. Proving that every maple season is unpredictable in its own ways, other producers who generally make dark syrup found themselves mak- ing good quality Golden or light Amber in 2017. Sap sweetness reports varied across the state and overall production per tap seemed to be down slightly for most pro- ducers. Production in the Champlain Valley seemed to be excellent in 2017, es- pecially for those producers in warmer, lower elevation locations. On the opposite side of the state, reports on the season are generally favorable with production levels near last year’s record season. Some north- ern producers report making upwards of 35 percent of their crop during the Janu- ary thaws. Snowfall was varied across the state and in many areas the winter, while not with- out snow, will be remembered for lacking significant snowfa  \ܝX\ B\\X\وH]HY[YYXZ[Z[ۛ[HY\\]X]\[\\X\\ܝ[Y]وۛۂHܛ[[X\H\[ X]ܙۋTPH^X]]H\X܂X\\[\ UH^[[ۈX\HXX[\ёPT”[HܙY[Z\][ [PܙY[X\KBBUS‘[[XHX\[XHZ\[[[K[[XP]\][[Z[\KBX\Y[•X\\\[YۚXKX\ːY[ٛ˘Bۈ\ۂXܙ]\B[܋ۘ\ېX\ ]X\\[XH M]Y\ MK M’YHH[[[B[HY\XZ\•[YH\  KˈX\H\\[X[XŒ M