The Official U.S. Maple Syrup Almanac -- 2017 Alamanc_2017 - Page 30

N.H. MAPLE PRODUCERS ASSOCIATION 3 Hop Kiln Road, Bow, NH 03304 (603) 225-3757,, SUMMARY OF SEASON The 2017 maple season proved to be a challenge for many New Hampshire sugar makers. Some producers in the southern part of the state tapped in early January and boiled during the mid-Jan- uary thaw, ending the season during the first week in April. The northern part of the state had a typical starting date and finished up mid-April. Many report- ed multiple smaller, high sugar content, continuous sap runs versus the few- er larger sap runs we have been accus- tom to. Yields ranged from 50 percent to the exception reporting record crop. OFFICERS Many producers using vacuum systems reported 80 percent yield. The produc- ers with the exceptional year had south- ern facing sugar bushes and vacuum, the lower yield group were typi