The Official U.S. Maple Syrup Almanac -- 2017 Alamanc_2017 - Page 19

Mich. Tech MICHIGAN TECH STUDENTS preach- ing maple to the next generation ducting break-even analyses and produc- tion surveys in the region, and science majors developing a long-term data base to evaluate temporal changes in volume and sugar content of our trees tapped. “ If it can be said that we, as maple syrup producers, are trying to squeeze every ounce of sap out of our trees, then Colby- Sawyer can be said to be squeezing every ounce of educational opportunity out of their sugaring program. An academic minor in sugaring If a single experience or a course is not enough for you, Paul Smith’s College, in upstate New York, has developed an academic program in sugaring. The Col- lege, with a 2,300 tap sugarbush, has had students tapping trees since its found- ing in 1946. With help over the years from maple experts at Cornell’s Uihlein Sugar Maple Field Station in nearby U.S. Maple Syrup Almanac 2017 PAUL SMITH’S COLLEGE MAPLE minor students ready for class. Lake Placid, the College has continuous- ly improved and expanded its operation. Two years ago Paul Smith’s developed an 18 credit hour minor titled: Maple Production and Products. Drawing resources from the College’s departments of Forestry and Culinary Arts, students in the minor don chef whites to take courses such as Maple Sweet and Savory: Maple Uses in Culinary Baking and Confec- tion. They then might head outside in plaid shirts and work boots for a course in Advanced Silviculture. The minor augments coursework from the Forestry and Culinary Arts Departments with courses from the Business Management Department, including: Applications in Bob Bennett Entrepreneurship. Expanding links between sugarhouse, classroom If you sugar anywhere near the colleges and universities listed above (or possibly others), stop on by and introduce your- self. Invite students visit your sugarbush, or offer to come into the classroom to share your years of knowledge and exper- tise. If, however, you live near a college or university that is not on this list, you might stop by that institution of higher education with this copy of The Maple Syrup Almanac. Show them this article, and ask: why not? 19