The Official U.S. Maple Syrup Almanac -- 2017 Alamanc_2017 - Page 18

Sterling College STUDENTS GATHERING sap the old way at Sterling College. on a comparison of sap yield from 3/16 vs. 5/16 inch tubing in the Appalachians. Further south, at the The University of Virginia’s College at Wise, Dr. Ryan Huish, an ethnobotanist, engages stu- dents in a variety of sap and syrup research activities. Using students in his Field Botany Research course as a core, Dr. Huish has organized the “Southern Appalachian Maple Research and Activi- ties Team” with the appropriate acronym SAMaRA. Their aim is to collaborate with maple syrup makers in the Appala- chian community to assess the potential of alternative maple species by compar- ing sugar content, sap volume, and phy- tochemestry. Ryan engages his students in 18 activities to raise the awareness of maple traditions, ecology, conservation, and socio-economic potential in the South- ern Appalachians. Ryan and his students are also collaborators with ACERnet, a federally funded research team investigat- ing the ecological and socio-economical connections of sugar maples and climate. Interdisciplinary maple programs Sap and syrup production is by its nature an interdisciplinary activity. Som B\HZ[Y[YHو]˜[]\ۛYH[[BX[H]\H\X\وYK[\XBYH[[Z[[\] LY\\Y XZ\H[[[وX\B\\ ݜ] HYx&\ܙ\[X[Y\XX\HY\\X[BY[Y[\H\YۙYXYX[H™]Y[HXܛH\\[\˂[[H][YX\[H[[[BXZܜYX\\[Y\[HXZܜœ[[Z[][\ܞHXZܜ˜[\\ XY\Z\وH]\[Y[B\\Y[]KT]Y\YH[[[][\\H\ܚX\Z\\H\8'Hۙ\[[Yܘ]Y\BXܛ\\X[[H]ܘ\X\YۂY[ܙX][\HX[ܙKB]]Hܚ][Y[X[[\™܈HXX[ \[\Y[ۋBKˈX\H\\[X[XŒ M