The Official U.S. Maple Syrup Almanac -- 2017 Alamanc_2017 - Page 16

ni and community members in syrup making as a non-credit, extra-curricular activity. This proves what we all know about sugaring; that making maple syrup can be fun. If you get students show- ing up and working hard, on their own time, without awarding course credit, it must be fun. For students accustomed to spending their time in a classroom, being outdoors and in the woods in the spring is fun. They relish the camaraderie of time in the sugarhouse, the sense of accomplishment at the end of a long day, and the sweet maple taste of the product produced. Most university and college extra-curricular sugaring opportunities are associated with a university farm or nature center. Courses on sugaring or that use maple as a focus In addition to the non-credit syrup making activities, several academic insti- tutions have developed courses with maple as the focus. In all cases students participate in a class project where they make maple syrup. However, the techni- cal process of syrup making is not an end in itself, but serves as a jumping off point to engage students in activities and think- ing of a broader nature. Take a look at some of these courses, and see if you are ready to sign up. Dr. Jamie Schuler at the University of West Virginia in Morgantown offers a Forestry Department course titled: Sug- arbush Management and Maple Syrup Production. With 250 trees tapped, his course gives students the practical experi- ence of making maple syrup, and much more. By combining forest management with syrup making, Schuler’s students get an applied knowledge of tree biol- ogy along with the physical science and 16 Colleges and Universities with Maple Syrup Programs College or University Location Focus Alfred University Alfred, NY C Taps 30-60 Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Sem. Elkhart, IN EX 12 Antioch College Yellow Springs, OH EX 80 Calvin College Grand Rapids, MI EX 60 Colby- Sawyer College New London, NH C, IP Cornell Univ.: Arnot Forest Ithaca, NY R 4,700 Cornell Univ.: Uihlein Field Sta ѥ$1A9d$H$ذ) ձ%ѥєɥ$!呔Aɬ9d$ %@$)ѵѠ $!ٕȰ9 $`$)ɅAɍUٕͥ$I9 $%@$)!͡ɔ $а5$`$)%ѡ $%ѡ9d$ $))չф $!չѥѽA$`$)-ѽ $1AյA$`$)5Q$!՝ѽ5$$ $)AհMѣé $AհMѡ̰9d$ 4$Ȱ)Aɥ $ͅ%$ %@$)MѠ $9ѡѽ5$`$)Mѕɱ $ Ʌ͉ YP$%@$)MU9dM$MɅ͔9d$`$̰)Uٕͥ䁽 ѥ$Mѽ̰ P$`$)Uٕͥ䁽5ͽфɉɕմ$ձѠ58$`$)Uٕͥ䁽YɵAɽѕȁ ѕ$UɡYP$H$]ЁYɝUٕͥ$5ɝѽݸ]X$ H$)]́ $]ѽ5$`$)Uٕͥ䁽YɝЁ]͔$]͔Y$ H$((԰)HI͕ɍ`Ʉɥձȁѥ٥ ͔)%@%ѕɑ͍ɽɅ4)TL5M(