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Welcome to the Northern NeXus of Adventure! CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE In the development of the Spirit Of Adventure Council a great deal of thought went into how we build our camping programs. The Council recognizes that Scouts and units have choices and select a summer camping program based on how well it supports the annual unit camping program. Our camps can only be successful if we meet that goal. A vision was forged that combines the vast physical outdoor camps and facilities into a dynamic menu of opportunities. This vision recognizes that one size does not fit all needs. As a result, the Northern NeXus of Adventure was created. The word nexus is defined as “a means of connection, a tie, or a link”. The name amply describes our goal. Our great camps will be connected in a way that provides a wide variety of options for units and Scouts to select from. We are building a network of adventure. Working together three camps, will highlight their natural features and build upon their past successes. We envision the close proximity of Wah-Tut-Ca, T.L. Storer and Parker Mountain as a strategic advantage. Each of these properties are vital links in this network. Between them lies 30,000 acres of conservation and easement land with trails, lakes, and mountains. What better setting can there be for a great Scouting Adventure? All the camps will have the same great opportunities for program that we've always had. The scheduled T.L. Storer Merit Badge Program will continue to provide organized advancement opportunities for units that prefer this method. Wah-Tut-Ca will continue with OPEN Program that many units, Scouts, and families value. Both camps will expand and improve their programs for Scout advancement. What is really exciting is that by combining our resources we will be able to provide incredible programs that you will not find in any other Scout Camp. This year we will create “Rare Adventures”- a NeXus wide program that affords Scouts and units interesting, challenging and fun daily adventures. Everyday units and individuals, in both camps, can select from a vast menu of activities. These programs vary in scope and size. From a one-hour special craft challenge to a more adventurous horseback riding trip to Parker Mountain. Everyone who attends a NeXus camp deserves adventure! The theme of the NeXus is “Choose Your Own Adventure”. Units and Scouts now have a wide range of programs to select from. We hope that they will thoughtfully design a summer camp program they can call their own. Again, we recognize that you and your unit have choices. Our goal is to provide something that is truly unique. We sincerely believe there is nothing like a Spirit Of Adventure Camp. If your unit does not traditionally attend a Spirit Of Adventure Camp we ask that you consider giving us a second look. Contact us, we’d love to get together and talk about your thoughts and your vision. Our alumni organizations would love to give you a tour of our camp facilities at a time that is convenient for you. We are just beginning to build this NeXus and we want to connect you, your Scouts, and your ideas on how to grow the Spirit of Adventure. David Fitzgerald Executive Director Of The Northern NeXus Director of Program Boy Scouts of America Cell (978) 873-2009 NORTHERN NEXUS MAGAZINE Northern NeXus Magazine is produced by the Spirit Of Adventure Council in partnership with the Spirit Of Adventure Camp Staff Alumni, The Lone Tree Spirit Foundation, and The Key Foundation. #ScoutingThrives