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Ekiti State 3 EVENTS: Precious Little Miss Chidera Christabel Amagba Clock's One New Yellow fever Card from 1st October 2013 3 September 2013 ISSUE 11 FASHION: Caftan And Bubu – Revamped!! 9 7 5 Nigerian Professionals In South Africa Impact to National Unity Part 1 Opinion: Olaniyi Thevoice Abodedele In a speech recently made by the Nigerian consul-General Okey Emuchey at a dinner he organized for Nigeria's Minster of Health Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu in Johannesburg at the Nigeria Consulate in South Africa, the Nigerian Consular puts the population of Nigerians in South Africa at estimated figure of 400,000.“Though I am not sure of the figure, some people say the population of Nigerians in South Africa is between 350,000 and 400,000 people, with more still coming”. ``Nigerians are contributing to the development of every sector of the South African economy, in fact if Nigerian medical doctors pull out of the South African hospitals the country will collapse. ``And there is hardly any South Africa university that you don't have ten Nigerian professors,'' Emuchay said. Despite the huge presence of Nigerian professionals and a large Nigerian community in South Africa, the Nigerian image is worrisome and its c o m m u n i t y v e r y dysfunctional. Most worrisome is the aloofness and Honorable Aminu Tambuwal Speaker Nigeria House of Representative at a dinner organized by His Excellency Hon Okey Emuchey (MFR) Nigeria Consul-General during his visit to South Africa in Johannesburg on the 3rd September 2013. SEE STORY ON PAGE 5 'I don't care attitude' of many Nigerian professionals and other well-meaning Nigerians in South Africa. It is high time that the decent and honest Nigerians came together to give meaningful and effective leadership to the Nigerian community in South Africa. It is a known fact that the economic potential that lay within the Nigerian community is enormous given its dynamic population of more than 400,000 people. Some quarters estimate Nigeria's population in South Africa to be close to two Million people. According to an online post on Nairaland Forum website, it is stated that “at least 20 million Nigerians [are] living outside of Nigeria. This figure includes those that only have one Nigerian parent. Of course, I am basing this entirely off shady estimates. I know about Nigerian population in Ghana (about 2 million), Ivory coast (a little more than a Million), South Africa (About 2 million) and then at least 5 million in UK and 4-6 million in America and then the rest would come from other countries. This figure might be way off the mark. But in all honesty, even the Federal Government of Nigeria couldn't give you an honest estimate”. The Nigerian community needs to take a cue from other organized communities in South Africa to project a good image for itself. As a concerned community member, it is so obvious that a lot is not right with the Nigerian Community and there is need to be worried. The negative image has overshadowed the positive ones. Yet, the positive impacts (as exemplified by the Nigerian professionals) far outweigh the negative ones. As thing stands, it is as if it is a crime to be a Nigerian and to carry the Green passport. The question is: what are the professionals and wellmeaning Nigerians in South Africa doing about it? Do we continue to allow our image to be shaped, our identities to be determined and our personalities to be judged by the few 'bad eggs' who have continued to bastardize the Nigerian image? There are so many reasons why the community needs to be worried about its image. First, as a Nigerian, it is extremely difficult to rent an apartment in Pretoria and some other Continued on Page 4 Julius Malema Visits Nigeria Debunk Xenophobic Attacks on Nigerians in South Africa Popoola, Sunday O. Julius Malema, Leader EFF The leader of the Economic freedom fighters (EFF) Party Julius Malema visited Lagos Nigeria recently to seek guidance and blessing from one of Africa's most wellknown spiritual leader Pastor T.B Joshua. Julius Malema was in the Synagogue of All Nations in Lagos from 10th to 15th August, 2013. He expressed, “ We a l l s e e k d i v i n e intervention, blessing of spiritual leaders and it happened that this time we came to TB Joshua and it shouldn't be seen to be any controversial activities”. According to eNCA report on, “Although Malema would not say much about his own tidings and what counsel he received from the spiritual leader, he expressed his desire to emulate Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe” He also reported that the major reason for his visit is to receive blessings for the journey ahead. Malema explained that “Nigerians must take over the ownership of the means of production of their economy and not allow foreign multinationals to enjoy all benefits”, on Monday 12th August 2013 on his first visitation to the most populous black nation Nigeria. As reported in, he stated that Nigeria and South Africa must unite “we need to work together in issues of common interest; we need to be partners not only in growing the Nigerian-South Africa economies, but in building friendship”. Although he denied that Nigerians are often maltreated in South-Africa, saying “Nigerians in South Africa are enjoying themselves. They are very influential. They relate confidently in the society and even when there were some xenophobic attacks in South Africa, Nigerians were not casualty of such xenophobic attacks” Julius Malema stated Continued on Page 2 ISSN A 218-8592 A 2AAAAAAAA BE A GOOD NIGERIAN CITIZEN, PROJECT A POSITIVE SPQ?H ??VH????SQB??