The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 96

Great Bite (Tier 3) raises the bite force you exert from approximately 120 PSI to over 1000 PSI and allows you to bite through bone. The resultant injuries are often atrocious. Concentration: Necrotic Energy: Effect: Active 15 per use. Inflicts 10 + d10 damage per Rank. Any successful such attack is treated as an automatic Overwhelming Success irrespective of roll. Allows you a chance to bite through inanimate objects based on Material Hardness Rating; A 100%, B 80%, C 70%, D 50%, E 0%, plus 10% per Rank. Reduces the effectiveness of armor by -1 per Rank. Crushing Despair + Drowning Void + Rigor Mortis Requires an Eye Graft from UX-160 (Oni): A single eye graft is sufficient to provide the recipient with the ability to see in the Infra-red spectrum and to use mind debilitating Talents. When a donor eyeball is pushed into a freshly vacated socket it attaches to the optic nerve with tendrils that grow along its length up into the recipient’s thalamus and hypothalamus. Attachment to the hypothalamus results in changes to circadian rhythms resulting in the recipient no longer needing to, or in fact able to, sleep. In addition, the recipient now automatically regains 5 Life Energy per hour of minimal mental and physical activity. Crushing Despair (Tier 1) causes anyone who looks into your eye to feel completely despondent, stopping what they are doing, simply sitting down, and unable to act. Concentration: Necrotic Energy: Effect: Active Becomes Passive at Rank 4. 5 per use. Your target is forced into inaction during which time they simply sit and stare. This effect lasts for 1 round per Rank. Drowning Void (Tier 2) steals the breath from any target(s) you can see, their lungs unable to function, while eliciting the feeling that they are slowly falling into darkness. Concentration: Necrotic Energy: Effect: Active 10 per use. Causes 10 Health Point damage to all targets identified within sight. Affects 1 target per Rank. Page 96