The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 95

Death’s Touch (Tier 3) imbues a single physical strike you make with a hand-held weapon to devastating effect. In the case of a bladed weapon you could cut your target into two while a blunt weapon would completely crush wherever it hits. Concentration: Necrotic Energy: Effect: Intense 15 per use. On a successful attack all damage is x2 at Rank 1, x3 at Rank 4, and x4 at Rank 7. Freeze the Soul + Devour Energy + Great Bite Requires a Tooth Graft from UX-140 (Ghoul): For psychic talents to become active a graft recipient must replace all their incisors (8), canines (4), and premolar (8) teeth. The donor tooth must be forced, as it is oversized when compared to a human tooth, into a freshly bleeding socket for it to attach itself. The size, shape, and sharpness, of the new teeth cause painful continual bleeding of the opposing gums. Not only does the recipient gain a new bite attack they gain attack augmentation Talents as well. Freeze the Soul (Tier 1) allows you inspire fear in those seeing you, either running for their lives or being frozen in place; the latter is very unfortunate for those you plan to attack. Concentration: Necrotic Energy: Effect: Active Becomes Passive at Rank 4 5 per round. At Rank 1 all that look upon you actively flee for 6 rounds. At Rank 4 this increases to 6 rounds per Rank. At Rank 7 those who see you will be frozen in place with utter horror, unable to take any Action until you leave, or they are unable to see you. If the target is attacked, a Willpower check must be made during each round of the attack. Until successful they are unable to defend themselves (the only Action that is then possible). Devour (Tier 2) immediately negates the effects of any Talent being used by your victim, determined at random, at the time of your bite attack. This is in addition to normal damage. Concentration: Necrotic Energy: Effect: Intense (Special) 15 per use. At the time of a successful attack you can choose to use this Talent or not. Inflicts d10 at Rank 1, 2xd10 damage at Rank 4, and 3xd10 damage at Rank 7. Page 95