The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 94

Expel Energy (Tier 3) takes the power of any energy attack against you and re-directs it to any target of your choosing through a simple touch. Concentration: Necrotic Energy: Effect: Intense 15 per use. Any fire, cold, or electrical damage you would otherwise sustain from the next such successful attack is effectively “stored” within your graft for 1 round per Rank. Requires an Action check to touch the target, which if successful discharges the stored energy to inflict the same damage you would have taken without such protection. Titan + Eviscerate + Death’s Touch Requires a Bone Graft from UX-130 (Eviscerator): Grafting a single bone splinter results in the recipient bone becoming as strong as steel. This can be repeated for any number of bones and after 10 such grafts Psychic Talents also emerge. Implantation of such grafts provides the recipient with strength enhancing Talents and of all those currently known is the least obvious to outside observation; the only tell-tale signs being the multiple incision scars that never fully heal. Titan (Tier 1) temporarily gives you the strength to bend metal bars, pull doors from their hinges, or lift an enormous weight. The effect only manifests as a function of prolonged, continuous, exertion and as such cannot be utilized in combat except for grappling or wrestling. Concentration: Necrotic Energy: Effect: Active 5 per round. Requires continuous use over multiple rounds. After 2 rounds Strength +1 increase, after 5 rounds another cumulative +1, after 10 rounds yet another cumulative +1. Eviscerate (Tier 2) focuses all your enhanced strength into an unarmed strike that potentially could puncture the body of an unarmored target to wrench their heart from their chest, or organs from their abdomen. Concentration: Necrotic Energy: Effect: Intense 15 per strike. Requires an Action check to strike the target. Reduces penalties due to armor rating by 5% per Rank. Inflicts 10 damage per Rank. Any successful such attack is treated as an automatic Overwhelming Success irrespective of roll. Page 94