The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 91

Mind Shield + Domination + Mass Domination Requires a Spinal Cord Graft from UX-010 (Burrower): A section of spinal cord, at least 12” long, from a UX-010 must be grafted to the spine of the recipient. Once laid on top of the exposed spine the graft will grow tendrils to attach itself to spinal nerves along its entire length. After surgical wound closure a slight mound below the surface of the skin remains as does a bruised coloration due to the continual writhing of the implant that causes minor capillary damage. Implantation of such a graft provides the recipient with mind control Talents. Mind Shield (Tier 1) protects you from psychic attacks affecting your mind, such as the Shadow Weaver Talents of Mind Probe, Inflict Pain, and Invisibility among others. Concentration: Necrotic Energy: Effect: Active, Interruptible Becomes Passive at Rank 4 5 per round. Provides complete immunity to all psychic Talents that directly affect the mind but does NOT protect against Talents with a physical manifestation such as Fire Lash. Psychic Shock (Tier 2) emits a telepathic wave out in all directions that causes any unprotected mind to “shutdown” for a short period of time. All those affected simply stop in their tracks, asleep on their feet, eyes open. Once this wears off they have no recollection of intervening events. Concentration: Necrotic Energy: Effect: Active 10 per use. The wave travels out to a 10-yard radius per Rank. Lasts 2 rounds per Rank. Intervening physical objects offer no protection. Any attack or damage cancels the effect. Domination (Tier 3) forces an intelligent target(s) to follow your telepathic commands. If, however, this forces them to do something totally against their nature or self-destructive then a mental battle ensues. Concentration: Necrotic Energy: Effect: Intense, Interruptible 10 per minute. Able to affect an additional target at Rank 4 and another at Rank 7. The target(s) will, for as long as you can concentrate, follow all your mental commands. They will stop doing so as soon as the effect ends but will feel disorientated, and unable to take any Action, for a number of rounds equal to your Rank. If you attempt to force behavior beyond what the now victim would reasonably do, such as injure themselves or a friend, then you must possess a greater combined Mental attribute score (i.e. Intellect + Wisdom + Willpower). All forms of mind protection such as Mind Shield, Bastion of Thought, etc. offer complete protection from this Talent. Page 91