The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 90

NecroMech As natural psychic abilities blossom for some, others experiment with gaining similar powers through a much more unnatural route - the grafting of tissue from Othersiders to become a NecroMech. The genesis of what is to be coined Necromechanics * is attributed to Dr. Erich Kruckel. But it does not stop there. The proverbial Pandora’s Box is opened as many others strive for such power themselves. * Definition nec•ro•me•chan•ics Noun plural but singular or plural in construction – the practical application of “deathless” tissue in the improved operation of a living body, resulting in a hybrid construct or NecroMech. First used as a term in 1947 after the discovery of work performed by Dr. Erich Kruckel in his laboratory below Wewelsburg Castle using tissue harvested from Othersiders taken from the Wastes. The result was enhanced human physiology and psychic ability through the application of teeth, bone, skin, eyes, nails, as well as organs, tissue, and other appendages such as spines. Over time “Stitch” has evolved as the slang term for those practicing Necromechanics. As the presence of Othersider tissue in the body is intrinsically unnatural the key Attributes for a NecroMech are Willpower and Constitution ; both essential for surviving the procedure(s), dealing with the degrading effects of graft light and water sensitivity that require health energy to manage, as well as avoiding the potential descent into depravity associated with using the [ Psychic ] Talents they allow. It is the grafts taken from Othersiders that give NecroMechs their Psychic Talents and these Talents reflect the nature of the donors. Grafts not only activate Psychic Talents for their recipients they can also provide additional physical benefits such as rending damage associated with claws and fangs, or damage reduction from armor-like skin and bone. As Othersiders are light and water sensitive so is their tissue taken for grafting. The detrimental effects of light can mostly be avoided using elaborate head, mouth, eye, hand, and skin covering devices. An example mouth covering is a stylized leather version of the Samurai’s Mempo facial armor. However, due to the intrinsic water content of the human body, even after all possible surgical options are taken, for example the removal of the lacrimal gland during eye surgery, it is unavoidable that the grafts will be exposed. Consequently, a NecroMech must deal with persistent pain and graft degeneration at the surgical graft site. To overc ome the pain and function normally requires strong Willpower while the constant health point drain to counter graft degeneration is mitigated by their greater Constitution. Should a NecroMech have their constitution drop below 7 then until it is restored they sustain 1 health point damage per round for every point below 7. It should be noted that as the only class that does not start with inherent psychic talents, if a graft is made to a Psycrafter then their natural talents are suppressed, inaccessible until the graft is removed. Such removal, as with getting a graft to begin with, can have fatal consequences. Page 90