The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 83

Reaper The key attributes of a Reaper are Dexterity and Perception . The Reaper is characterized through Talents that build on your inherent awareness of your own body and mind to allow you to boost speed, power, and focus in the ultimate expression of martial expertise. Despite combat evolution during the war to a more mechanized, anonymous, kill-at-a-distance, style of mass destruction today’s need harkens back to a time of more personal one-on-one methods to deal with one’s enemies. Cobra Strike → Ravage → Blade Storm Cobra Strike (Tier 1) accelerates a single melee attack to strike swift and true. Often hitting your target before they have time to react your potent attack does severe damage. Concentration: Life Energy cost: Effect: Passive Becomes Subconscious at Rank 4 10 per use. +1 per Rank to Physical Initiative Roll. Additional d10 damage. Ravage (Tier 2) releases your inner fury allowing you to rapidly strike multiple targets with your melee attacks to devastating effect. Concentration: Life Energy cost: Effect: Active Becomes Passive at Rank 4 20 per use. Gain an additional (main hand) melee strike each round for a number of rounds equal to Rank. This can be directed at a second target within striking distance. At Rank 7 this becomes two additional melee strikes. Blade Storm (Tier 3) weaves your blades into a pattern of destruction that can mesmerize your targets while delivering horrific slashing wounds. Concentration: Life Energy cost: Effect: Intense, Interruptible 10 per round. Requires a slashing weapon. Multiply all blade damage by x3. 5% chance per Rank to have melee attacks against you incur a -50% penalty; check made each round Blade Storm is active. Page 83