The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 77

Gemstone Capacitor → Psytomaton → Enhanced Psytomaton Gemstone Capacitor (Tier 1) takes a round cut carbonado (“black diamond”), the toughest form of diamond, and manipulates its molecular structure to support the storage of various forms of Energy. The newly created Gemstone Capacitor is unattuned and can be simply considered a “battery” that can be charged by Energize. It is in this form that it finds use as a power source for various non-Psytomaton devices, such as the UV-A Pulse Rifle. The once controversial extraterrestrial origin theory for the formation of carbonado is given credence with the discovery of its abundance Otherside. Concentration: Life Energy cost: Effect: Intense, Interruptible Rank maximum, i.e. 50 at Rank 1, 100 at Rank 10. Time required 2 hours per Rank. Creates an unattuned Gemstone Capacitor with a maximum energy storage level based on gem size and Rank. Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Carat Wt. 1 2 3 6 10 15 25 40 60 100 Size (mm) 6.5 7.5 9.4 11.9 13.6 16.1 17.7 19.1 20.5 30.3 Energy Max. 10 20 50 100 150 300 600 1250 2500 5000 Equivalence Car Battery Truck Battery Submarine Battery Bank Psytomaton (Tier 2) allows you to create an automaton, that uses no more than 12 cubic inches of material parts and is powered and controlled through a single embedded Gemstone Capacitor. This personally attuned machine is limited to its own physical capabilities. Although the most common Psytomaton is stand-alone this is not necessarily the case, instead becoming a personal attachment, such as an artificial hand. The size limitation is a factor of how far your thoughts can be pushed out from the controlling Gemstone Capacitor. Concentration: Life Energy cost: Effect: Active 40 to attune the Gemstone Capacitor to your own mind 50 per day of construction. Construct ѥаݕȁͅь́ѕɵѡ4)=Ʌѥ́Ё ɽ1ɄMͽ1)A