The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 73

Meta Engineer The key attributes of a Meta Engineer are Constitution and Strength . The Meta Engineer is characterized through Talents that reflect your understanding of engineering, materials science, and innate ability to manipulate matter. Meta Engineers are the only Psycrafters able to create Psytomatons and the Gemstone Capacitors to power, control, and Talent channel through them. Shackle → Bulwark → Coalescence Shackle (Tier 1) roots your target in place by reshaping the molecular bonding between them and the surface they are in contact with. Concentration: Life Energy cost: Effect: Active 10 per use. Reduces the movement speed of 1 target per Rank, within line of sight, to 0. Adhesion lasts 1 minute at Rank 1, 2 at Rank 2, 4 at Rank 3, all the way up to over 8 hours at Rank 10. If the target can remove, for example, their shoes then the effect is negated until reapplied. Ultimately, once skin is bonded in this way there is no avoiding staying put. Bulwark (Tier 2) takes any single object you are carrying and increases its molecular strength as well as inertia dampening properties to make it a very effective, albeit direction dependent, shield. Concentration: Life Energy cost: Effect: Passive 20 per use. Increases Armor Rating of target object by 1 per Rank. Does not take damage and hence maintains the Armor Rating for the duration. Last for 1 minute per Rank. Page 73