The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 72

Dark Focus (Tier 2) allows you to deflect weapon strikes through force of will. Concentration: Life Energy cost: Effect: Active Becomes Passive at Rank 7 15 per use. The next otherwise successful single weapon strike (i.e. occurs in the round in which you use Dark Focus), including projectiles, is deflected away from you. Only one such strike per round can be deflected. However, if no successful strike occurs the effect carries into the next round without the need to expend additional Life Energy. Midnight Armor (Tier 3) draws the shadows themselves into you, turning your skin midnight black and as tough as obsidian to reduce or even eliminate the physical damage you sustain. Concentration: Life Energy cost: Effect: Passive 40 per use. Physical damage reduction of 10 per Rank per instance. Lasts for 1 hour per Rank. Charisma penalty -2 during face- to-face encounters. Page 72