The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 7

Introduction Welcome to NecroMech ® and the dark fantasy world of the new early 1950s. One that has been irrevocably altered by the “Rip”, a catastrophic event triggered by the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Conjoined with a hellish Otherside our heroes and villains, using newly awakened or graft-stimulated psychic talents, fight for survival and power. For some the creatures released into the Wastes of what was once Japan must be destroyed while for others they are the source of that power... Are you ready to utilize your psychic talents as part of a broader tradecraft skill set to penetrate layers of intrigue in London and Paris, and then follow the leads on an adventuring mission traversing the chaos in Germany, down into the subterranean passages beneath Wewelsburg Castle? Or perhaps your path will lead you on a retrieval mission to the Wastes. Recruited on the back streets of New York you will have to “hit” Los Alamos to acquire some requisite gear before securing transport to the Japanese coastline. Can you survive long enough to complete your mission? Will a missing a team member drive you on to cross the Ash Curtain? Will you have to take a more strategic approach that utilizes organized forces to counter the vast number of Othersiders that bar the way, and what will await as you eventually cross to the Otherside and stumble into the horrifying Fleshworks? In preparation you have been provided with a copy of the Empire Defense Directorate Situational Assessment Report that has been compiled for the British Prime Minister, under directive from Kenneth Strong, from individual reports by its constituent agencies:      A series of reports from the Othersider Research Establishment (ORE) at Porton Down detailing the background behind the “Rip”, origins of the Wastes, as well as what is known of the Otherside and Othersiders. A study by the Centre of Psycrafter Studies (CPS) also at Porton Down into all that is known about psychic abilities and NecroMechs. An assessment by the Security Service (MI5) on the impact of significant events on the British Empire, as well as an evaluation of the situation in London. Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) briefs on the United States, Russia, China, and New Japan. Special Operations Executive (SOE) operational assessments for Europe, including the new No Man’s Land, and the Wastes. As well as a (Players) Field Manual to help you create characters and learn how to play. And a more in-depth analysis in the form of a (Game Master) Command Guide provided for those creating and/or running adventures. Page 7