The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 64

Shadow Weaver The key attributes of a Shadow Weaver are Charisma and Intellect . The Shadow Weaver is a consummate thief, spy, scout, or assassin with Talents that affect the situational environment, either physically and/or mentally (in cases when people are involved). Your offensive capabilities are more inclined toward inflicting mental anguish and pain that result in the loss of health rather than through direct physical damage. Alter Self → Misperception → Invisibility Alter Self (Tier 1) provides you with the ability to change minor physical characteristics such as eye color, hair color, facial wrinkles, fingernail length and shape, etc. for a period that can last for hours or even days. It should be noted that unnatural changes such as red eyes or taloned nails although permissible only last for minutes. Concentration: Life Energy cost: Effect: Subconscious 5 per hour; at Rank 1 you can change your appearance for 10 hours if no other Life Energy is expended. Add 1 hour per rank so at Rank 4 the effect can last two days and by Rank 10 over a week. Allows you to change your appearance. “Unnatural” changes result in 1 hour becoming 1 minute when calculating duration. Misperception (Tier 2) alters how others see you by forcing the desired image directly into their mind. The scope of what can be achieved is only confined by what the target(s) find believable; the greater the imagination the greater latitude. This ability does not change your actual physical characteristics and so allowing a target to touch you could negate their belief in what they are seeing. If the target leaves your presence and returns after some time has elapsed, then unless the ability is used again they will see you as you truly are. Also, if the mind of the target is protected by, for example, Bastion of Thought then the ability will have no effect. Concentration: Life Energy cost: Passive Becomes Subconscious at Rank 7 5 per minute; at Rank 4 the effect lasts 13 minutes. Add 2 minutes per rank so at Rank 7 you can hold the appearance for almost two hours. Page 64