The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 59

Abnormal Adhesion → Telekinesis → Stasis Field Abnormal Adhesion (Tier 1) causes surfaces to stick together that would not normally do so. The effect is so strong as to make separation all but impossible. Door to doorframe. Shoes to the floor. Suit to car seat. Or even skin to whatever is inconvenient. The possibilities are endless. Concentration: Life Energy cost: Effect: Active 10 per use. Sticks 6 square inches per Rank. Adhesion lasts 1 minute at Rank 1, 2 at Rank 2, 4 at Rank 3, all the way up to over 8 hours at Rank 10. Telekinesis (Tier 2) allows you to move/levitate objects or creatures, including yourself, through concentration alone. The speed of movement is indirectly proportional to the size of the target. Concentration: Life Energy cost: Effect: Intense, Interruptible Becomes Active at Rank 4 20 per round. At Rank 1 you can move 1 lb. fast or 20 lbs. slowly. With each Rank your maximum weight capability is increased by 20 lbs., so at Rank 4 you could move 4 lbs. rapidly and lift 80 lbs. By Rank 10 a fast moving 20 lb. object could cause major injury while lifting 200 lbs. enables major obstacles to be moved. Damage from fast moving objects is d10 x weight in lbs. Stasis Field (Tier 3) creates an area through which objects and creatures cannot travel, instead being held firm in place until the end of the effect. Anything entering, or falling into, the field is immediately slowed and eventually held in place. The center of the spherical field can be placed at any point within line of sight and you are immune to the effects. The only evidence of the field is an almost imperceptible shimmering of the air. Concentration: Life Energy cost: Effect: Intense 50 per use. The size and duration of the field is dependent on your Rank. At Rank 1 the field is 10 feet in diameter and lasts 1 minute. The diameter increases by 2 feet per Rank and the duration 1 minute per Rank. So, at Rank 7 the diameter would be 24 feet and the duration 7 minutes. Page 59