The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 54

Energy Adept The key attributes of an Energy Adept are Intellect and Willpower . The Energy Adept is characterized through Talents that inflict damage on both living and non-living targets. With an innate sense of understanding of all forms of energy, especially thermal, electrical, and kinetic, you can harness this energy through force of will to devastating effect. Incendiary Touch → Fire Lash → Dark Flame Incendiary Touch (Tier 1) causes your hand to be wreathed with gently undulating wisps of red, green, or violet flames; the color reflective of your Morality: Red for Immoral, Green for Amoral, and Violet for Moral. Anyone you touch suffers a severe burn at the point of contact and it also simply allows you to set fire to things. The light cast by the flames can bring light to the darkness. Concentration: Life Energy cost: Effect: Active, Interruptible 10 per round. Minimum Life Energy use 10. Requires an Action check to touch the target. An attempt can be made to grasp the target at a -30% penalty. Your target suffers (d10 x Rank) points of burn damage per touch (one per round). If grasped, then no Action check is required, and subsequent damage is an automatic 10 per Rank. The target can attempt to break your grasp. Any intervening material reduces the damage per Rank (sustaining the damage instead): Cloth -2, Leather, -4, and other forms of Armor -8. Page 54