The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 48

Animal Companion (Tier 3) represents the genesis of your animal psychic skills whereby you can create a telepathic link to a target animal who becomes your permanent loyal companion. Beyond having your companion act as spy, guard, or scout, your link also boosts certain of your other attributes dependent on the animal you select. It cannot be understated how such a link develops into a deep emotional bond and the serious impact if it is ever lost. Concentration: Life Energy cost: Effect: Intense/Subconscious, Interruptible 80 to establish. This takes 30 minutes at Rank 7, 25 at Rank 8, 20 at Rank 9, and 15 at Rank 10. Permanent link until death. Does not require either Animal Telepathy or Control. Although any animal can become a companion the environment will dictate acceptability. It is not practical to have a bear as a companion while living in a London flat. Suggested examples, although the GM has ultimate decision authority on what is permissible: Owl +1 Wisdom, Cat +1 Dexterity Rat +1 Perception Dog +1 Strength Wolverine +1 Willpower Crow +1 Intellect Badger +1 Constitution Mouse +1 Charisma Irrespective of your moral compass, if your animal companion is ever lost then the emotional toll it takes is devastating. This manifests in not only a loss of the attribute bonus but also a -1 penalty (which if it takes either Wisdom or Constitution below 7 causes loss of your psychic abilities entirely), and loss of half your Life Energy. Fortunately, time heals and the penalties only last until the grief subsides. One week (minimum) for every month that the link existed. Empathy → Aura Sensitivity → Necrotic Detection Empathy (Tier 1) allows you to sense the drives and emotions such as fear, hunger, pain, hostility, etc. of anyone you concentrate on. A very useful trait in most social situations. Concentration: Life Energy cost: Effect: Active, Interruptible 20 per use. Lasts 5 minutes per Rank. Does not require line of sight. Provides a 10% Success bonus on: Interrogation, Seduction, Deception, and Diplomacy. Page 48