The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 44

Classes After the Rip, we see the emergence of natural psychic abilities in some humans, but not all. Those without ability are confined to Rank 0, unless they decide to follow the NecroMech path, while those with abilities are called Psycrafters and start at Rank 1. There are 5 available natural Psycrafter classes: Qi Master , Energy Adept , Shadow Weaver , Meta Engineer , and Reaper . Each has individual [Psychic] Talents that are organized into Talent Trees where selected Talents determine which subsequent Talents become available as a Psycrafter increases in Rank. On reaching Rank 4 a Psycrafter can select a single Specialization Talent Tree , e.g. the Cellular Manipulation → Metabolic Rush → Life Spark tree for the Qi Master, that reflects the talents they are most at home with and want to focus on. Consequently, the talents within this tree are considered as +1 Rank when determining their effectiveness. Refer to the chapter on Playing a Psycrafter for additional detail. There is only a single NecroMech class, although each is differentiated by the psychic talents gained through the specific grafts they acquire. Starting with but a single chosen talent tree means that a NecroMech automatically specializes in that tree and gains +1 Rank when determining effectiveness for that talent tree alone. However, when a second or third graft is taken then specialization can be re-chosen, reflecting a potentially more dominant graft. NecroMechs cannot specialize in a side-effect talent. Refer to the chapter on Playing a NecroMech for additional detail. Effectiveness, i.e. range, duration, number of possible targets, volume of material affected, etc. increase or decrease as appropriate with Rank. Page 44