The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 42

STEP 3: Determine your Base Attribute Scores . As player characters are already extraordinary all their starting attribute scores are considered above average, i.e. 6. However, based on your character class, key attributes start at 7; these attributes do not provide bonuses to Talent use but are simply a pre-requisite to being that class. Qi Master: Energy Adept: Shadow Weaver: Meta Engineer: Reaper: NecroMech: Wisdom and Constitution Intellect and Willpower Charisma and Intellect Constitution and Strength Dexterity and Perception Willpower and Constitution From the starting scores a player may allocate 3 bonus points and, if desired, reallocate 2 points from (one or two) attributes to other attributes. However, no attribute can exceed 9 for a new character, and key attributes cannot be lowered below their starting value of 7. For example, John decides he wishes to play a Reaper and so his starting attribute scores would be: Intellect 6, Wisdom 6, Willpower 6, Strength 6, Constitution 6, Dexterity 7, Charisma 6, Perception 7, and Force Majeure 6. John, however, feels his character should be charming and debonair as well as swift of blade. Consequently, he allocates 2 of his bonus points to Charisma and 1 to Dexterity. In addition, at the cost of pure power and toughness John re-allocates 1 point from each of Strength and Constitution to Intellect and Wisdom respectively. Thus, John’s Reaper has final attributes of: Intellect 7, Wisdom 7, Willpower 6, Strength 5, Constitution 5, Dexterity 8, Charisma 8, Perception 7, and Force Majeure 6. Although your final base attribute scores under normal circumstances remain unchanged, your effective attribute scores can be higher or lower based on external factors. For example, an injection of adrenaline can increase your strength for a short period of time. It should be noted that some Skills have Attribute prerequisites while others incur penalties or gain bonuses depending on Attribute score. For example: Dual Wield Blind-fighting Seduction Cold Weather Survival Minimum Dexterity 8 Minimum Perception 8 Penalties when Charisma below 6 Bonuses with Constitution 7 or more Page 42