The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 39

Player Character Creation It has been 5 years since the world was irrevocably altered by the dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan that tears the fabric of our known reality. More than one billion have perished. The British Empire, thought to be antiquated and facing imminent demise, is stronger than ever. The United States shuns the rest of the world while still trying to exploit it. Players must find their place. The following is provided as a summary guide for the streamlined creation of a character with Rank 1 Talents, either a Psycrafter class or NecroMech. Full details are provided in subsequent sections. Players do not have to contend with luck in creating the characters they wish to play but it will raise its head all too soon when the game is afoot. STEP 1: Decide on your Character Class between Qi Master, Energy Adept, Shadow Weaver, Meta Engineer, Reaper, or NecroMech. In terms of their available psychic talents: A Qi Master has talents based on their attunement to nature and sensitivity to the ebb and flow of life energy surrounding them, allowing control over body and mind to heal and lessen injury, or to manipulate that energy in other ways. Mind over Body 1 → Body Control → Death Ward Cellular Manipulation 2 → Metabolic Rush → Life Spark Biofeedback 3 → Vigor → Natural Armor Animal Telepathy 4 → Animal Control → Animal Companion Empathy 5 → Aura Sensitivity → Necrotic Detection Precognition 6 → Soul Sight → Transcendence Demoralize 7 → Fearsome Visage → Daze Spirit Rend 8 → Disruption → Life Energy Burst Radiant Aura 9 → Searing Light → Sunbeam Page 39