The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 37

Situation Report - The Wastes (Source: SOE, Date: 7 th September 1949) The most recent ground reconnaissance missions confirm that no form of native life can be found. The “Ash” remains pervasive even as far north as Wakkanai and as far south as Kagoshima. Agents report that any exposure results in feeling weak, general lack of interest, and continued exposure can be fatal, as is any level of inhalation. On-going field work utilizes modified T18 Boarhound heavy armored cars where the main artillery gun has been replaced by a much shorter water canon; additional in-cabin water canisters reduce the space and hence crew size from 5 to 3. All exterior hatches are fitted with air-tight rubber seals and a rear-mounted air filtration system installed. With performance increased to over 60 mph on virtually any terrain this vehicle is designed to avoid any Othersider encounters wherever possible. The canon and even uprated forward armor are simply there to buy time in order to evade. After confirmation that Tokyo, as an acid test for entire country, is desolate and devoid of anything living any national military scientific research is now confined to areas closer to the Rip. However, this fact, if anything has encouraged treasure seekers looking to plunder whatever they can from what was once a city both rich in wealth and historical antiquities. British operations are spearheaded from a temporary landing base just north of Fukuoka city. The United States, and it is also believed China and even ODESSA also make forays from other areas on the northwest coast of Kyushu island, where destruction was minimized due to its position relative to the Rip. One area that all those operating in the area avoid is the Kanmon Railway Tunnel that joins Kyushu and Honshu; the only non-seaborne passage north. Despite the regional geological upheaval, the tunnel seems to have survived and is now a swarming hub of Othersider activity. This giving credence to the idea that some intelligence lies behind Othersider behavior. Why else “protect” such a strategically important location? Page 37