The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 35

Situation Report - Former USSR (Source: MI6, Date: 1 st December 1949) As the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics broke down, the newly minted nations of Russia (capital Moscow), Ukraine (capital Kiev), Byelorussia (capital Minsk), Uzbekistan (capital Tashkent), Kazakhstan (capital Alma-Ata), Georgia (capital Tbilisi), Azerbaijan (capital Baku), Lithuania (capital Vilnius), Moldavia (capital Kishinev), Latvia (capital Riga), Kirghizia (capital Frunze), Tajikistan (capital Dushanbe), Armenia (capital Yerevan), Turkmenistan (capital Ashkhabad), and Estonia (capital Tallinn), emerged but remain under strict military/police control. In Russia, Colonel General Sergei Kruglov, head of the NKVD, assumed control using his extensive law enforcement agency. He has created a new section to track down and eliminate all Psycrafters, most of whom have fled through other ex-Union countries. However, a small group simply known as “Frost” have established a community close to Krasnoyarsk, an important junction of the Trans-Siberian Railway, at the very edge of the inhabitable region of Siberia. The leader of Frost is reportedly a Reaper who wields two ice axes to devastating effect. Page 35