The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 321

Page 3 16. Details on the weapons you use (including any related to your grafts). 17. Details on the armor you are wearing (including any related to your grafts). 18. Resistances and/or Immunities (including any related to your grafts). 19. Select details on your Talents such as Life/Necrotic Energy cost, duration, effects, etc. 20. Any other abilities you may possess outside of specific Skills. For example, being able to see in the dark (due to a graft). Page 4 (Female/Male) Identical except for the body shape. 21. The Organizations with which you are affiliated (+ve Reputation) as well as those who think you work against them (-ve Reputation). 22. A list of significant weapons and equipment, including armor, that you actually have on your person. Any that are stashed elsewhere can be temporarily enclosed in brackets () with a note as to where. 23. Weight of weapons and equipment carried. 24. Maximum weight you can carry calculated as (Strength-based Carry Weight - 10); the 10 lbs. includes your clothes, and general things carried but not individually tracked by weight. 25. The clothes you are wearing. 26. A brief description of what encompasses your personal style. 27. More physical description beyond basic height and weight. 28. Any injuries from which you may be suffering that could impact your Actions. 29. All the other things you may be carrying, from a fountain pen, to first-aid kit, to travel documents. Include cash and other valuables. 30. A body chart to record your Health Points. Page 321