The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 320

Appendix 12: Character Dossier Each Character Dossier consists of 4 pages, pictured (with class and gender variants) on the following pages. Each also includes a section number described as: Page 1 (Psycrafter Version) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Who you are, including a picture. What makes you tick. Insight points tracked by shading in the appropriate circle and then erased when used. Attribute values. Attribute bonuses. The main skills that you develop and use. This is a good place to include bonuses from other skills. 7. The other skills that you pick up along the way but m ^H\HY[\K]\Y\Y]H[]\[ݚXBٚXY[H\HY\K \XX[[[˂K[\[[ \[] KL [[XX[^][ۈZ[ۈXX[[ [X]YHY[H[\KLKYH[\K\[ X^[][KYH H XܛYX\[ۊBK˂ K˂ KY\[HHXܘY\Y\[HHXܘY\Y\[HHXܘY\Y\[HHXܘY\Y\[HHXܘY\Y\[HHXܘY\Y\[HHXܘY\XX[[[˂JH[\[[\YۈHZ[ܘY \[] K[ H[\YKQYX[[\[] H][ L [[XX[^][ۈKX[]XXܘY [X]YHY[H[\KLKYH[\K\[ X^[][K\[\XܛX[\K\[ X^[][KYH L[^[Y\X\Xܛ[ Lˈ[\\ۘ[]H]Z\Y[KM X]Z\YۛYHZ[Y\[Y[\[˂MK\܈]]\YH ̌