The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 318

 The player characters are hired by M.E.T.A. to secretly investigate who (based on a premise that it involved at the very least a Shadow Weaver using Invisibility, Misperception, Mind Wraith, and Darkness) was behind what was reported as "Devil Robs Super Train!" On only its second run between London and Edinburgh the new propeller- driven aluminum “Super Train” has been robbed. After resolving propeller safety and reliability in the original Schienenzeppelin design through Meta Engineering the non-stop 400-mile trip was billed as taking only two and half hours. But passengers and crew onboard offer singular reports of a “devil” seemingly appearing out of nowhere only 5 minutes into the journey. One passenger, later identified as Grady Gates, a M.E.T.A. employee, then falling to the floor screaming before everything goes completely black. The train immediately slowed to a complete stop, darkness lifting, the devil gone along with a briefcase belonging to Grady. Police reports indicate that Grady holds firm on the fact that his briefcase contained only trivial work papers. Nothing of value. And he as anyone is surprised by its apparent theft. He still refuses to discuss why he screamed so...  Miss Patricia Cole felt helpless after the incident. Using her family’s money and connections she arranged for the life-changing surgery that would allow her the revenge she craved. But in her pursuit of retribution she pushed using her new NecroMech abilities too far. The mindless resulting Hungerer turning on those closest to her. Tragedy! But all public and police records have been expunged. The only lead an apparent SOE telegram, reading “Perpetrator of the Cole family massacre has been transported to Porton Down...”, provided to the player characters by an anonymous interested party willing to pay to find out what happened to Patricia. Page 318