The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 316

Mechanical Operation (Skill) Disastrous Failure Table Lose d10 Skill Points as you just can’t get it done and roll on the following table. Applicable to Vehicular Operation, Tank Operations, Radio Operation, Robotics, and Demolition. d10 Result 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Description Minor Malfunction. Cannot be retried for d10 rounds. Major malfunction. Power surge and operation “dies”. Unusable for d10 rounds. 50% chance of operator receiving d10 points of damage. Critical malfunction. Catches on fire, operator takes d10 damage and device is no longer usable without major repair. Roll 50% chance for fire to spread to another object or person nearby. Psychic interference. Glows blue and frost forms on the surface, but operation is unaffected except maybe for cold fingers. Positive surge, continues to work but NOT as intended. Acceleration, power, intensity range, etc. are also doubled unexpectedly. Click. Nothing. Additional research or expertise is needed to uncover the problem. Loss of control resulting in the opposite of what was intended. Injuring or exposing a party member to danger relevant to the situation (GM’s discretion).] Compromised. Device had been tinkered with by someone who shouldn’t. Minor explosion covering everyone within 5 feet with dust, soot, or whatever is most appropriate. A stranger turns up claiming that he/she owns what you are using and wants it back. Sabotage. An unknown enemy has rigged things to explode. 50% success chance to defuse or choose to run. Talent Disastrous Failure Table Lose d10 Psychic Points as this failure truly causes doubt to cloud your mind and roll on the following table. d10 Result 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Description Overwhelming mental strain. Penalty -30% to use of any Talent until rested. Loss of feeling or function in a limb. Penalty -50% to all applicable Actions. Bile wells up in the character’s throat. Unable to con []H܈ L[˂HY[[X[]][ZYܘZ[H]H\X\[[H L H\Hو[B[[܈\\XXHX[ۜ܈ L\˂[\[ۙH^YK[[H LIH[\XXHX[ۜ˂[ۙYK[[H L Hۈ[\][ۋ\XXKYX[ۋX\[ۋ[[XY\˂\[XHܙY\[HZ[وHX\H\X\ ][ LY] K[[Bو LL H[X[ۜ˂ݙ\H\X\&\[]\[[K\\XH]\[ݙ[Y[]BYXYH L H܈ L[˂[^[[Y[[وHY\ݙ\H\X\&\X\H[Y\ ][ Y] B܈HYY[[\H[و8'[['H[[[HX\ ۝\ L H[X[ۜ˂HܘX[[[HX\\H\X\&\ܛHY\HY][]ZXBX\X\ˈ[ܝ[][K[\[[][\\HۈH܈\[B\X\YH M